Must Be Kismet by K.H. Anastasia (ePUB)

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Must Be Kismet (Main Character Energy #1) by K.H. Anastasia – Free eBooks Download


He promised to show her the ocean. But he ended up showing much more.

My life hasn’t really been mine since the day my dreams were taken from me. But I’ve kept going, raising my brother while trying to stay afloat.
When I finally do something for myself, I’m not expecting to end up in the ER with a guy I barely know. When he promises to show me the ocean, I decide to live in the moment and go on a road trip with him.
What’s the worst thing that could happen?

It feels like everyone around me is finding their soulmates, and then there’s me. A big, tattooed cinnamon roll type of guy who loves romance novels and country music but can’t find the one to share it all with.
Traveling a few states away, I get ready to see my favorite bands live. But when finally at the location, I can’t stop helping when a damsel in distress needs me. And when she confesses she hasn’t seen the ocean, I know I must show it to her.
Because sometimes the best things in life aren’t planned.

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