Murder Sprees and Mute Decrees #1-3 by Jennifer Cody (ePUB)

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Murder Sprees and Mute Decrees #1-3 by Jennifer Cody – Free eBooks Download


The Trouble With Trying to Date a Murderer:

Third time’s the charm, right? At least that’s what I tell myself when I witness the same hot guy commit mass murder three times in a few days. I’m either the luckiest mute boy ever or possibly the unluckiest. Who knows, maybe him kidnapping me will turn into the greatest love story ever told? Hey, it could happen! You never know how these things will turn out. I happen to believe in love and soulmates, and if nothing else, Arlington Fox doesn’t treat my disability like a nuisance. It’s not everyday you find someone who just gets you, and I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth even if the horse in question is a man so good at killing people that I should probably introspect a bit about why that skews my moral compass and possibly my kinks. But c’mon, competence is sexy, amiright?

The Trouble With Trying to Save an Assassin:

You know what I’d like to know? Where the hell my romantic, how-we-got-engaged story is. Am I going to get it any time soon? Where is my big ass diamond?

Unfortunately, all that romance-novel level relationship-angst gets put on (indefinite) hold when my beloved son, Bellamy, is targeted by who knows who, poisoned, and then abducted by a wolf-ish person I kinda like. Am I going to get my kid back? You betcha. The question is, how many people does Fox have to kill first?

The Trouble With Trying to Love a Hellion

Um…I was told I’m supposed to summarize my story here, but recently I’ve learned that blurbs are hard so I’m not sure what to say.

My name is Edovard Durand Folange. I’m twenty seven years old from Fresno, California, and recently I moved across the country to live with my new parents and brother. Oppa kills people for a living, and Papa is his announcer guy, and my brother is like his assistant, and I guess it turns out I’m the person the magic tells who needs to die—it’s called being an Augur. I don’t really know what that word means, but even though it’s scary, I’m getting used to it.

It’s nice to have a job, but Santanos (he’s the Avatar of Evil) offered me a second job, and I’m really excited about that because I get to work with him and help him fix the minions. A lot of them aren’t doing very well, so my second job is to make sure that everyone gets as much love as they need in their lives. Sometimes that means killing people who are stealing all the love away from them. I guess maybe I’m a little evil too, because I don’t mind letting Oppa kill those people to save the minions.

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