Murder & Mayhem by R.A. Smyth (ePUB)

murder mayhem, ra smyth

Murder & Mayhem (Black Creek #2) by R.A. Smyth – Free eBooks Download


Blood will be shed.
Lives will be lost.
Sides will be chosen.

I’ve done the unthinkable.
I’ve crossed over to the dark side and teamed up with the Reaper Rejects, all in the name of taking down the Antonelli’s. 
We have a plan. A scary, dangerous plan. 
It could be a suicide mission, or the salvation Black Creek desperately needs.

As if taking on the ruling mafia family of the West Coast isn’t enough, my heart and mind are in constant struggle for control of my emotions. 
Cain and Oliver are total opposites, but both of them have gotten under my skin.
Oliver’s need to care for me has my heart opening more than it ever has, while Cain’s fiery temper lights a fire in my soul.

I’m one step closer to falling for these men, but life in Black Creek is never that simple, or easy, and right when I think I have my feelings figured out, I end up in the clutches of the man who once tried to kill me and his right hand man, who I’m quickly learning isn’t who I thought he was.

The first shot has been fired, but this war is only beginning.

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