Mr. Naughty & Mr. Nice by Joe Satoria (ePUB)

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Mr. Naughty & Mr. Nice by Joe Satoria – Free eBooks Download


“Long… thick… I didn’t ask Santa for this!”

As a recent college graduate, Layton Jenkins never thought he’d end up back home, or as a supervisor at a toy store over the holiday season. He also never thought he’d find presents, wrapped with ribbons and left out around the mall for him to find. Addressed to Little Layton, is someone trying to become a Daddy for the holidays?
Optometrist James Robinson has never had a holiday romance. He’s shy and indirect, but he’s confident where it counts. James’s love language is gift-giving, and there’s no better time to show love than over Christmas. Can Mr. Nice find a Little romance?
Working security at the mall, Colby Williams has seen it all, and he’s missing out. In an effort to find love, he’s using all the power as mall security at his disposal. He can go wherever he wants, but can Mr. Naughty get the Little he wants too?

Little Layton might find himself stuck between two Daddies… but will they make him choose? Or do they complete each other?

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