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Mr. Devereaux (Taboo #3) by Mackenzy Fox – Free eBooks Download


It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.
Seeing him again.
Mr. Devereaux.
The man who I haven’t seen in more than twenty-years. A man who is also completely off-limits.
His dark eyes resemble thunder as he takes in every inch of me, and I see something there that startles me.
I see the flames and they’re almost too hot to handle.
It shouldn’t be empowering; what I do to him, but it is.
Granted, I am in my underwear, answering his expensive booty call, but still.
I had no idea he’d be my first client. But Mr. Devereaux is having none of it, much to my delight. He wants me for himself.
So, we make a deal; I won’t do this with any other man, and he’ll be my sugar daddy.
The time we spend together will be our little secret.
And it’s not like it’s a chore. The man has it all.
He can buy anything. Including me — but is it enough?
The only problem is, when it’s time to let him go, am I really ready for the fall?
And will he feel the same way?
It’s addictive.
He’s addictive.
He knows who I am.
He knows why this is forbidden. And so do I.

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