Mountain Man’s Obsession by Pippa Lux (ePUB)

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Mountain Man’s Obsession (May December Romance) by Pippa Lux – Free eBooks Download


One look into those big green eyes, one tilt of those bee-stung lips, and she burrowed deep into my soul. Making a home for herself where no amount of self-reproach or guilt could carve her out.

My late wife called me her biggest regret. An emotionally unavailable boulder obsessed with war and incapable of love. Was she right? Yes. Weakness was carved out of me a long time ago. Rosy emotions beaten into submission.
A hard fact until I meet Penelope Shaw.
One look at Penny and my entire world is tossed on its side. She’s everything I never believed I’d want or need. Sweet. Kind. A walking source of light that makes me want to be better. Do better. For her. For me.
But I can’t.
Not only is she two decades too young, but she’s also my son’s “person.” As much as I crave her down to my bones, I can’t cross that line.
Knowing all of that doesn’t exorcise the beautiful brunette from my mind. The more I try, the deeper she sinks in. I’m sick with want for her. Obsessing. Losing my ever-loving mind every time I yank on my chains.
When she flees to my mountain cabin after some two-bit thug threatens her life, the choice is ripped out of my hands. There’s no chance in Hell I’ll ever allow anyone to torment her.
And now that she’s here with me, blessing me with the sweetest taste of what could be, I’ll do anything and everything to keep my ray of light. No matter the cost.

This May, some of your favorite steamy romance authors will gather their dirty minds to bring you a selection of hot older men who won’t let a little thing like age stand in the way of claiming their feisty younger women.
Age is nothing but a number, and these sexy alpha heroes know true love when they see it.
They’re older, wiser, and know how to care for ALL of their woman’s needs.
Come along for the ride and find out why there is no substitute for EXPERIENCE.

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