Mountain Grump by Aurelia Gale (ePUB)

mountain grump, aurelia gale

Mountain Grump (Men of Mount Carson #1) by Aurelia Gale – Free eBooks Download


Becca’s remote yoga retreat may have turned out to be a scam, but being stranded in the mountains doesn’t seem so bad when a mountain man invites her to stay the night…

I saved up for months for this bougie mountain yoga retreat, only to arrive at the GPS coordinates and discover I was scammed.
No service. No internet. Now what?
The nearest town is almost two hours away, but I remember a little gas station about an hour back. I drive there to see if I can use the landline to let my family and friends know what happened and that I’m safe.
The sun is setting and I need to figure out where to stay ASAP. Easier said than done so far from civilization.
The last thing I expected was for the smoking hot, grizzled owner of the remote gas station to offer -well, more like insist -I stay the night at his place.
He’s big. Bearded. Grumpy as hell and won’t stop staring at me for some reason.
So, no yoga retreat, but maybe what I really needed was a night with a mountain man…

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