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mothstar, kay elle parker

Mothstar (The Sector Five #1) by Kay Elle Parker – Free eBooks Download


I made a huge mistake.
I was complacent, and I was captured by the one entity in the universe that has no regard for Intergalactic law.
My ship, designed and built by me alone, has been seized and sold.
Just like me.
Until he rescues me—the handsome Hychee on a mission with his friends.
Nothing can go wrong, right? I’ve already survived the worst the universe can throw at me…
My friends and I are on a mission to get the Makkesh back to his home planet in time for his breeding season, but things go badly wrong. A pilot error resulted in losing our ship, and we’re forced to attend an auction in the worst of sectors to find another.
We do, but nothing prepares me for the possibility of finding my mate in the process.
Our mate.
Once I find her, I stop at nothing to keep her.

The breeding season is almost upon me, and yet again, I’m without a suitable host to implant with my eggs. In my world, the continuation of the species is priority above all else, but everything is conspiring against me this time.
Buying the odd little ship at auction turns out to be a gift I never expected…and possibly my saving grace.
The stowaway isn’t mine to fall for, but the beast in me doesn’t care.
The universe has been kind to the Vennex. It has given us wealth and reputation, riches beyond compare and an eye for pretty, valuable things. We can buy and sell whatever strikes our fancy—the more expensive it is, the faster we buy it.
My friends and I are on a mission to get Mika home for some mating ceremony, and a simple mistake on my part costs us our transport.
That simple mistake has the potential to reshape my—sorry, our—futures in ways I never imagined.
Some things, sikas can’t buy.
They need to be earned.
The imp is the one thing in the universe I can’t afford to buy…

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