Mortal Desires by Scarlett Reyes (ePUB)

mortal desires, scarlett reyes

Mortal Desires (Morales Coven #1) by Scarlett Reyes – Free eBooks Download


Death follows wherever I go, and now I need to pay my debts to their god…

I’m Pilar Morales, the sixth daughter of the legendary Morales coven. Each of us is blessed with a gift but mine… is a curse.
Since I was five years old I have seen the dead wandering our mansion. They reach out and talk. They begged for my help and I had to quickly learn how to guide them through the gates of hell.
But on All Hallows’ Eve, everything goes wrong. My sisters and I are separated and I’m brought straight to the only being in the afterlife that hates me more than anything.
Vic despises me. He wants to keep me in the underworld so I can’t ease the suffering of his souls. But the only way to keep me in hell is to take me as his bride.
My new husband is set on making my eternal life miserable. He’s a god and I’ve been meddling in his business. And he’s not the god of forgiveness.

I’m his wife.
I’m his prisoner.
I’ll never leave the underworld.
But maybe… I like how he punishes me.

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