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morning wood, megan wade

Morning Wood (Clearwater Construction) by Megan Wade – Free eBooks Download


When I arrive in Clearwater, Oregon, I am running from my past, seeking a fresh start in a town where no one knows my failures. As a chef who has lost everything, I never expect to find love, let alone a chance to rediscover my passion for cooking.
But then I meet Levi Angelo, a charming carpenter with eyes as blue as the Oregon skies and a heart as warm as the summer sun. As he and his team work to renovate my fixer-upper, I find myself drawn to him, despite my fears and the walls I have built around my heart. And if I can survive the hilarious misunderstanding about his ‘morning wood,’ I might just have a chance at happiness.

From the moment I first lay eyes on Piper Costa, I know she is special. With her guarded smile and her soulful brown eyes, she captures my heart in a way no woman ever has before. Even if our first encounter involves an awkward misunderstanding about my ‘morning wood’ that leaves her blushing and me grinning like a fool.
As we work together to transform her house into a home, I find myself falling harder and faster than I ever thought possible. But Piper’s past holds her back, and I know it will take more than a few charming words, a handsome smile, and a bit of laughter over my lumber to win her trust.
So I show her, with every touch, every kiss, and every whispered word of encouragement, that I am in this for the long haul. And as she begins to open up, to let me in, I watch in awe as she rediscovers her love for cooking and realizes that failures can be beginnings, and dreams can take on new forms.

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