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monstrous, nicole m rubino

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I’ve never been afraid of the dark.

I never needed a nightlight when I was younger or any reassurance that there was no monster in my closet or under my bed.
Perhaps that’s because a part of me always knew I was one.

Sharp teeth and claws weren’t the type of gifts I’d expected for my eighteenth birthday, along with the desire to eat my ex-boyfriend. Yet those monstrous traits are the exact reason I’m here, at Alystair University.
Alystair University was all I heard about growing up. Its prestige and exclusivity could rival any Ivy League. But that’s not the real reason that sets the school apart from others. Everyone at this school is a monster. Like me.
I should feel safe here. This school will afford me the opportunity to hone my monstrous abilities and curb my carnivorous urges. Not to mention, I have a fierce girl gang by my side, guiding me every step of the way.
But then decapitated bodies start showing up on campus. Someone is killing off students, and in a school full of monsters, everyone is a suspect. Yet all eyes are on Nick Cervallos, a boy whose charm is as deadly as his claws.
And who I can’t seem to stay away from.
I’m determined to prove Nick’s innocence, but in order to do that, I’ll have to tap into my monstrous side. I just don’t know what I’m more afraid of – coming face to face with a blood-thirsty monster…

Or myself.

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