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London, 2053. One of the last remaining civilisations in the world.

A decade on from the first wave of human-flesh-craving monsters that wiped out most of society, Noah finds himself stepping up to lead Squad E, part of London’s East Regiment, fighting back against the creatures that threaten mankind. But between battling monsters, struggling with grief, and his rivalry with another lieutenant, Noah is sinking, fast. The last thing he needs is a young, weak conscript with an attitude problem to add to his issues. Especially when he can’t seem to get him out of his head.

Zeke, Squad E’s newest recruit, would rather do anything else than be conscripted into the dwindling military force battling to save humanity. But when his research assistant job abruptly ends after his boss is arrested under mysterious circumstances, he must learn to embrace his new life as a soldier. But perhaps his attractive commanding officer—whom he is forbidden from dating—might offer the silver lining he never knew he wanted?

As the crisis escalates, London’s time begins to run out. Food shortages, riots, and secrets buried by leadership all push the city towards its boiling point. The ten members of Squad E, along with their faithful dog, Wolf, must band together if they’re going to make it out of this alive.

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