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monster in mirror, kristen painter

Monster In The Mirror (Shadowvale #6) by Kristen Painter – Free eBooks Download


Shadowvale isn’t your typical small town America. The sun never shines, the gates decide who enters, magic abounds, and every resident bears some kind of curse.

For Isadora Graham, Shadowvale seems like a dream come true. A safe haven where she can hide from the darkness that lives within her, and hopefully, keep everyone else from finding out about it too. She needs this kind of place where she’ll be left alone. Where no one will realize who she really is.
Dr. Henry Jekyll, or rather a monstrous part of him, makes Shadowvale a more dangerous place for everyone, no matter how hard he tries to stop that side of himself from emerging. He’s doing everything in his power to control it, but control is hard, and solutions don’t come easy. Fortunately, the town understands he needs to be left alone.
Until somehow things go wrong, and he gets a neighbor. Izzy is incredibly nice and for her own safety, Henry knows he has to tell her what everyone else already knows. That he’s a monster. But he only ends up shocking her and turning her against him. Then another disturbing encounter makes her understand he was telling the truth, and that they are so very much alike.
When they join forces, their collaboration feels like a match made in heaven. Except for the part where the town is being targeted. And Izzy seems like the one causing all the trouble.

Can Henry battle his own demons in time to save Izzy? Or will the monster in the mirror be the ruin of them both? Only time, and love, will tell.

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