Misty Dragon Valley Complete Series Box Set by Kayla Wolf (ePUB)

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Misty Dragon Valley Complete Series Box Set by Kayla Wolf – Free eBooks Download


What’s a girl to do when she’s stuck in close quarters with a yummy shifter?

Welcome to Misty Dragon Valley, where a wild and dangerous fog does two things: it makes you forget where you came from, and it takes you to a place of protective shifters, long lost mates, and forbidden, humid nights.
You can come here any time you like, but you can never leave…

Gemini Dragon
He is a possessive Alpha wolf, I am the prophesied dragon queen of a world I stumbled into. We are destined to hate each other. But we share a cave, where fierce arguments soon turn hot…

Capricorn Dragon
We’re natural born enemies, and feelings between our kinds are forbidden. But we’re forced to be in close quarters. And no matter how I ignore his mocking laugh, this dungeon is getting awfully hot…

Virgo Dragon
I’m stuck in close quarters with a yummy dragon prince. I’ve had visions of him, thinking I’m in a plus-sized midlife crisis. Now he’s invited himself into my house and says that I’m a dragon shifter too…

Scorpio Dragon
He’s a billionaire and a cocky player. I enrolled in the dragon university to learn. He’s here to blow his money and make his quarters into Party Central. I hate him, but now I’m forced to team up with him…

Libra Dragon
Years ago we almost killed each other. Now I have a new face and a new name. He doesn’t remember me. But I’m struggling to remember as well. To remember that he’s the enemy. And strictly forbidden…

Sagittarius Dragon
I had a dragon’s secret baby. But amnesia has made me forget him. He looks like someone I knew, but he’s grumpy and calls me an imposter. If my dreams are right, though, he’s my baby’s daddy…

Please Note: I previously published this book under the title “Zodiac Dragon Valley Complete Series”. I’ve changed the title to “Misty Dragon Valley Complete Series”.

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