Mistakes and Heartbreaks in Seabury by Beth Rain (ePUB)

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Mistakes and Heartbreaks in Seabury (Seabury #8) by Beth Rain – Free eBooks Download


Mrs Mary Scott is sick of quivering like a newborn lamb every time she has to drive into Seabury. She really must get over this silliness!
Still, what else did she expect? This was what happened to fools in love!
But… she wasn’t in love! What a ridiculous notion. After all, it had been decades since she’d made the mistake that had changed her life forever – robbing her of a lifetime of happiness.
Mary blamed the new-fangled art gallery that was taking over Nana’s ice cream parlour for stirring everything up again. A retrospective of Lionel Barclay’s paintings was bound to have an effect on her!
All Mary wants it to do is let her mistake rest in peace. Okay… maybe not peace exactly… not with what she’s hiding in the attic!
Will Mary risk her secret being discovered to support the only man she’s ever loved?
Or will her stiff upper lip and stubbornness ensure that a second chance at romance with the love of her life passes her by?

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