Miss Sally’s Unsuitable Soldier by Maggie M. Dallen (ePUB)

unsuitable soldier, maggie dallen

Miss Sally’s Unsuitable Soldier (Bluestocking Battalion #3) by Maggie M. Dallen – Free eBooks Download


Miss Sally has never run from anything…except love. Luckily her soldier is up for the chase.

Of all the Jones sisters, Sally is by far the most practical. Thanks to her interest in medicine, she’s found her purpose in caring for the wounded and the sick in their small seaside town. Unlike her younger sisters, Sally has no interest in ballgowns and fêtes, which is why she’s not exactly thrilled when she’s summoned to play nursemaid to the Earl of Elwood. But the old man has made it clear—he’s hosting a house party, and she’s expected to attend.

If only assisting the earl didn’t entail socializing with the guests. If only those guests didn’t include the earl’s youngest son. If only that young son wasn’t a handsome and charismatic soldier…

But alas, Sally can’t avoid the incorrigible Sebastian. Thanks to him, she finds herself enjoying her time at the great manor far more than she’d intended. But someone really ought to make Sebastian see that their time together is dangerous. The earl doesn’t approve of their burgeoning friendship, and neither would the ton.

Only Sebastian seems unaware of what a disastrous match they would make. Though, to be fair, not even Sally realizes how scandalous a connection she might be. Not at first, at least. Not until she uncovers the truth about her family. But can she resist when Sebastian sets out to prove that what they have is more than just friendship? He seems to believe that what they have together can stand any adversary. Even pirates.

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