Miss Mulberry and the Moody Marquess by Chasity Bowlin (ePUB)

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Miss Mulberry and the Moody Marquess (Unlikely In Love #1) by Chasity Bowlin – Free eBooks Download


This is the first book in an exciting new series from bestselling author, Chasity Bowlin. If you love a steamy, grumpy-sunshine story about unrequited love and missed opportunities, you won’t want to miss out on Miss Mulberry and the Moody Marquess.

There is no one possessed of a more sour disposition than Ethan Warburton, Marquess Aimsbury. In their small village of Ambleside, it is well known that to cross him is to bear the brunt of his typically foul mood. But Ethan’s gruff demeanor is nothing more than a sham—a mask he wears to hide a very painful truth. He’s been in love with a woman he cannot have for more years than he can count. A woman, who until very recently, was promised to another.
Miss Charlotte Mulberry’s normally sunny disposition has never been more challenged than in the wake of being jilted by her betrothed. Abandoned in favor of another woman who possessed a greater fortune and more lofty connections, Charlotte has struggled to make her way in a small village where everyone knows everything about everyone.
And then the strangest thing occurs… The Marquess of Aimsbury smiled. Actually smiled. At her. She isn’t certain if it’s mere pity on his part or if she’s finally slipped over the edge into complete madness. But when he asks her to dance, she realizes very quickly that there is far more to the Moody Marquess than anyone in Walton-under-Hill than anyone ever realized—including her.
A bit of flirtation, a stolen kiss or two… or three, and Charlotte is well on her way to forgetting her former betrothed entirely. Until he turns up and expects to pick things up just where they left him. Charlotte finds herself quite torn— does she go back to the man who abandoned her, or pin her hopes on a man everyone else believes to be wholly unlikely to ever marry?

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