The Miseducation of Riley Pranger by Pepper Pace (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

miseducation of riley pragner, pepper pace, epub, pdf, mobi, download

The Miseducation of Riley Pranger (Estill County Mountain Man #4) by Pepper Pace – Free eBooks Download


When all you know is what you were taught by parents and friends that are ignorant to the world, you grow up to be a man like Riley Pranger, a passive racist and chauvinistic. But Riley is going to get a fast re-education when a single black mother rents his home for the summer and he has no choice but to recognize the actions of the people around him.

Stella Burton is a no nonsense, 6-foot tall curvaceous black woman who has no problem with hurting a man’s ego. She is opinionated, specifically about a country where she has been single handedly raising her multi-racial son to be a well-rounded black man.

What happens when white privilege is suddenly challenged? When races clash and you mess with the wrong black woman? This novella contains twists and turns and sexiness as well as appearances from Lt. Christopher Jameson, Ashleigh and their children from the novel Beast, Bodie and Shaundea Matthews from A Wrong Turn Towards Love and True from True’s love.

Warning: This story includes sexual situations, graphic and strong racist and homophobic language. This story discusses American politics and race relations in a fictional setting.

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