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Mirage (Trinity Security Solutions #5) by Tory Palmer – Free eBooks Download


Eleven years ago, I left New Mexico. Seven years ago I married a man I loved. Nine months ago, I caught him cheating on me with his secretary. Now, I’m back home. I’ve buried my mother, my old life, and I’m prepared to move on from the Land of Entrapment.
My mother passed, and now I’m stuck here in my hometown of Albuquerque tying up the last of her affairs before moving on. All that’s left is to rearrange her massive collection of furniture for the estate sale management people, then stage the house and put it on the market.
That’s the plan, at least. We all know what they say about best laid plans, though…
Because, who should I see when visiting my high school sweetheart to ask for moving help? None other than my ex’s best friend, and my own most unrequited of loves, Dax Taylor. Sure, we shared a steamy night with my ex twelve years before, but I’d always hoped we could have had more. Now, he’s finally back from the Navy, and has the hardened eyes (and muscles) to prove it!
My ex might have stood me up on the furniture moving, but Dax is more than happy to help. And, coincidentally, he’s more than happy to help with quite a few other things around the house.
Until, that is, the next morning, when I receive a strange call from Todd, my ex. He sounds terrified, and like he’s making his peace with the Lord, or something. Now, Dax is calling in two of his war buddies, and coworkers, to track him down.
I only have one problem with that plan: something doesn’t feel right about having these two complete strangers, Khurk and Cash, hunt down my ex for me. But, after I insinuate myself into their little skiptrace expedition, I quickly begin to realize there’s a whole list of other problems. Chief amongst them? Cash is an absolute asshole, and Khurk is an absolute hunk of a teacher’s dream come true.
Oh, who am I kidding? They’re both this teacher’s dream come true!
If I can help Cash and Khurk figure out what my ex was up to out here on the US-Mexico border, while dodging not one but two murderous biker gangs, then I’ll only have one more thing to figure out: how I feel about Dax’s suggestion to enjoy my time as a single woman for all it’s worth.
Can this elementary school teacher and three brave, battle-hardened veterans save her ex, and fix all the problems he’s caused along the way? Or will the relationship I’ve begun to rebuild with Dax, and to newly forge with Cash and Khurk, be nothing but a Mirage on the desert horizon?

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