Miles Bailey Gets Down On One Knee by Jen Atkinson (ePUB)

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Miles Bailey Gets Down On One Knee (Another Bailey Brother #3) by Jen Atkinson – Free eBooks Download


I am Delaney Jones, courageous enough to defy my mother, fearless enough to leave my successful rock band, and daring enough to propose to a perfect stranger.

Miles wasn’t planned.
Which kind of made him perfect.
Sure, I’d just said no—to a load of handsome men on a reality show designed to find me a husband, but I didn’t want any of them.
I don’t want Miles either—at least, I think I don’t. It’s the perfect scenario because, unlike all those guys on that show, he doesn’t want me either. No broken hearts.
Can’t we all just play nice? A convenient, image-building marriage without all the bitter rejection? That’s all I’m asking.
Yep, Miles is perfect for the job.
Or at least he would be if my heart would stop betraying me every time he walked into the room.

She gave me one job.
Don’t fall in love with her.
That’s all I have to do and my stagnant career is going to take off, like a rocket.
As long as I follow the rules.
But Delaney never mentioned how very difficult those rules would be to follow. She makes them difficult. If I’d known I wasn’t just entering a marriage of convenience, but a DEFCON two marriage, I may have thought twice before slipping that gold band on her finger.
Marry the girl. Check.
Be seen with the girl. Check.
Don’t fall in love with the girl. Crap.

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