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Midnight Wings (Angels & Wolves of Fallen City #1) by RaShelle Workman – Free eBooks Download


Angels rule Fallen City, but beyond their gilded wall, anything goes, including me.

My name is Belinda, but everyone calls me Belle. Though I’m human, I live in vampire territory with my roommate Nat outside Fallen City, in what’s known as the Halo. I’m a thief because that’s all a nobody like me can be. Plus, I’m really good at it, thanks to years of training.

I’ve accepted my fate. In fact, I’ve embraced it. So much so that I agree to do a dangerous job, one no one else wants. In exchange, I’ll be free of my vampire boss and can run my own crew.
But even after all my preparation everything goes horribly wrong, and my mark tries to murder me.
When my death doesn’t take, he forces me to attend the Angel Academy, where I do my best not to fall for the enemy, a vicious beast of an archangel determined to make me the same as him.
And then I do the unthinkable, which puts me in even bigger trouble.

Will the beast notice I’m gone?
If he does, he’ll probably celebrate. Because, despite everything between us, I’m sure the beast doesn’t care for me at all.
Too bad I can’t claim to feel the same way.
Despite everything, I may never escape, and that’s a fate worse than death.

* * *

* Midnight Wings is the first book in the Angels and Wolves of Fallen City series, and it ends on a cliffhanger.

** This series is told a little differently. You’ll need to read this book and then read book one of Wolves of Fallen City, Midnight Bargain (a Red Riding Hood reimagining) to get the full enjoyment out of the intertwining tales.

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