Midnight Ride by Carolina Mac (ePUB)

midnight ride, carolina mac

Midnight Ride (Taming the Stallion #8) by Carolina Mac – Free eBooks Download


Harrison County is on edge as the hunting season begins, with a palpable sense of tension and violence crackling in the air. Camps are set up around Coyote Creek, filled with eager hunters ready for their annual vacation thrill. But this year, things take a dark turn when a string of brutal murders rocks the county. As Sheriff Frost and his deputies dig deeper into the victims’ backgrounds, they uncover a tangled web of mysteries and secrets that only fuel their determination to solve the case. With each passing day, the stakes get higher and the killer’s motives become more twisted. Fueled by an unwavering resolve, Travis vows to bring justice to his county and not let these murders go unsolved like so many others.

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