Midnight Mayhem by Savannah Lee (ePUB)

midnight mayhem, savannah lee

Midnight Mayhem (Clover Pack #3) by Savannah Lee – Free eBooks Download


Friends. Family. Mate.

After living most of my life on the run, I’ve finally found a place I belong. A place to call home, with a mate bond I never expected to have. I’d love nothing more than to enjoy it.
But Queen Tantaii won’t rest until she gets what she wants, the ancient ring that will give her the power to destroy the mortal realm, and everyone in it.
And I have it.
I know she’s lurking, biding her time in the shadows for the perfect moment to strike. She’s the mother from hell, and she knows exactly where to strike to hurt me the most.
But her plan won’t work.
I’m done running. I’m done hiding.
I’ll take the fight to her, and end this. Once and for all.

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