Midlife Billionaire & Broken Lawyer by Claire Angel (ePUB)

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Midlife Billionaire & Broken Lawyer (Tempting Midlife Billionaires #1) by Claire Angel – Free eBooks Download


Sophie, a small town girl, who is ambitious and hard working. A perfect combination of beauty and brain.
She is one of the most successful lawyers in the city but when you are in love you don’t use brain, it is more of a heart thing.
And she has been betrayed and left with a broken heart.
Now she wants to protect her heart at any cost. Until she met Jeff…
Jeff is a wealthy, movie-producing, good-lookingjerk.
He’s always surrounded by beautiful women vying for his attention…
But why he can’t take his eyes off me, especially when he knows I am married and a mother?
I’m not about to sit at his feet and watch him with adoring eyes like the rest of the women in his life.
I don’t need anyone to throw me a bone. I’m a lawyer, living proof that anything can be overcome, and no, I don’t want to talk about my ex-husband.
I want to talk about Jeff.
Because suddenly, he makes a move.
I’m not ready.
But he whispers beautiful promises.
Maybe I didn’t learn my lesson after having my heart broken.
Because falling for Jeff is too easy.
And he’s going to break my heart. He’s a movie producer, an ex-singer, a celebrity. And I have secrets. Secrets the tabloids would have a field day over, if they found out. Secrets that would destroy both our worlds…
Still, the heart wants what the heart wants. And falling for Jeff isn’t an option, it just… happens. He’s everything my ex wasn’t—kind, compassionate, there for me, not screwing his secretary… okay, maybe I’m still a little bitter about my divorce, but I’m over my ex.
But my ex swears we’re not over.
Even when I tell him we are.
He’s not letting me go without a fight…
But neither is Jeff.
And what my ex is planning… makes my secret look like child’s play. Can any of us make it out unscathed? Because my ex is like a woman scorned—he’ll burn everything to the ground if it means no one else can have me.

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