Mercy’s Revenge by Lacey Carter Andersen (ePUB)

mercy's revenge, lacey carter andersen

Marked Pet (Marked Mates of the Kroll #3) by Hannah Vox – Free eBooks Download


Few people know the truth… fairy tales are really nightmares.
Growing up as the daughter of the beast himself, I saw the wicked truth after happily-ever-after ended. And I vowed to use the only skill I had, my ability to kill, to gain my freedom.
But I failed.
Imprisoned for my mistake, I spent every day thinking about the three men responsible for my downfall. And what I wanted more, revenge or the life that was stolen from me.
Finally free, I join the Guild of Assassins, only to come face-to-face in the training yard with the men I cared for…the ones who had me locked away.
The wolf shifter who was my best friend.
The man who always made my heart race.
And the dark prince of the vampires himself.
I wanted to kill all three of them. But joining the guild meant working together. The guild was the only place where my background—as a princess and a prisoner—wouldn’t be held against me.
But our past is more complicated than I realized… and the future? Well, there might not be one.

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