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mentor me, logan schober

Mentor Me (Briarwood Chronicles #1) by Logan Schober – Free eBooks Download


Amelia Roberts’s world undergoes a seismic shift when she secures a journalism scholarship to Briarwood Academy, thrusting her into a realm her mother once tried to escape. Amidst the elitism of her new surroundings, Amelia discovers she’s already earned the detest of her peers simply by joining the school’s newly founded recruitment program. Determined to prove herself, she resolves to navigate this unfamiliar territory determined not to be swayed by distractions.

However, fate has other plans in store for her when she’s paired with Benedict Blake as her mentor. Benedict, with his effortless charm, razor-sharp intellect, and looks straight out of a teenage romcom, is the epitome of the privileged party boy—everything Amelia wants to avoid. Yet, when a confrontation with some of Briarwood’s elite girls leaves Amelia in need of assistance, she reluctantly turns to Benedict for help, unwittingly setting both of them on a course they never anticipated. As they embark on this unexpected journey together, Amelia and Benedict must confront their preconceived notions and navigate the complexities of privilege, friendship, and newfound feelings that threaten to unravel their worlds.

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