Memoirs of a Lustful Duke by Henrietta Harding (ePUB)

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Memoirs of a Lustful Duke by Henrietta Harding – Free eBooks Download


Eleanor Holmes is an accomplished, confident author who has poured her heart and soul into her books. She has never had any interest in writing about or pursuing romantic relationships, as they are of little value to her. However, when a Duke looks to have his memoirs written, Eleanor’s patron, the Crown Prince, recommends her for the position. The absolute power that the Prince holds for Eleanor’s career, leaves her no choice but to venture to Lord Corbyn’s estate right away. She soon finds herself yielding to the Duke’s skillfully erotic seduction, but Eleanor is determined not to let his childish manner distract her from her task. Will she manage to tame the passion that flares between them and stay true to her word?

Alexander Corbyn, the Duke of Stafford, has had more romantic trysts than he can remember and has acquired a reputation for being a heartbreaker. When he decides his life is worth sharing, his good friend the Crown Prince, introduces him to the tempting Eleanor. The moment they meet, the Duke is immediately fascinated by her. She is not like any other woman he has met before; she has absolutely no interest in him and she is far too serious and rule-abiding for his liking. Realising that it will be hard to conquer her heart, he makes it his mission to tease her with the stories of his ‘conquests’, thinking that he’ll enjoy watching her squirm. However, when sparks fly, will he surrender to his burning desire and seduce her untamed heart?

Neither of them expects what will happen next…ending up captivated both physically and mentally. As they work alongside more and more, Eleanor and Alexander begin to realise that every thrilling kiss sparks hotter desire and soon their love will be unable to endure this temptation. However, will Eleanor be able to overlook the Duke’s scandalous past to be with him? Will Alexander be open to being with someone so “comme il faut”? After all, can they turn this promising passion into everlasting love?

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