Meeting Up with the Consultant by Sara Blackard (ePUB)

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Meeting Up with the Consultant (Meeting Up with Love #7) by Sara Blackard – Free eBooks Download


After he sees her at her worst, can he show her that the best is yet to come?

Kensie only wants to get home to Alaska where her lazy cat and career await. Visiting her sister and her family has been nice, but she has other responsibilities. When Kensie has to attend a meeting in the middle of her sister’s mayhem, there’s only one option–replace her video feed with a loop of a calmer version of herself.
When Harding logs into the online conference, the last thing he expects is to witness an attendee’s MeetSpace mishap with their video feed. He’s only supposed to suggest changes for their company’s new product line, but he soon finds himself distracted by the pretty lady in the storm of chaos.
Can Kensie look beyond her colossal mishap and work alongside Harding, the consultant whose intelligence rivals his good looks? Or will she turn tail and flee into the nearest glacial crevasse to hide from a potential happily ever after?

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