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Meet Me in Aveline by Lindsey Cord – Free eBooks Download


Lettie Carlton was a wealthy girl from the city whose parents had high standards and even higher expectations. Lettie’s parents had her life planned out to the very last detail, even though her own dreams took place far outside of high society. One summer everything changed when she stumbled upon a town that was both quaint and inviting and despite her parent’s strict ideas, there was something life-altering in that town that none of them could have ever seen coming.
Tuck Anderson was the beloved, self-proclaimed hunk of his small town of Aveline. Growing up with a broken home and father, Tuck had plans to get out of town and join the Army, hoping to make something of himself. Those plans were derailed when he saw a beautiful girl with red hair peeking into his truck one afternoon. This encounter left Tuck questioning what it was he really wanted in his life and what he was going to do next.

Lettie and Tuck had a whirlwind summer; secretly falling in love and cherishing every moment they could together. But when their two very different worlds collided, everything came to a crashing halt, and they were both left with nothing more than a broken heart.

So, what happens when twelve years later, they meet again? Can they rekindle the love they once had, or are their hearts too shattered to be mended?

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