Mechanic’s Charming Bride by Natasha Sterling (ePUB)

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Mechanic’s Charming Bride (Captivating Brides #3) by Natasha Sterling – Free eBooks Download


Today I am marrying a man I thought was perfect for me. We have been dating for a while and he seemed like the perfect boyfriend. All up until a couple months ago, after we got engaged. The red flags really started flying, but I dismissed it as wedding jitters. As I am about to walk down the aisle today, I overheard my fiancé and mother-in-law talking about his financial situation. He amassed a sizeable amount of debt in an online Ponzi scheme. His mother doesn’t seem the least bit shocked at this news and explains to him that it’s not that big of a deal, within a few hours his debt will also become my debt and he can just use my savings. My hard-earned, saved over a very long time money.
Well, all that to say. I decided to hop in my car and drive. Where to? Anywhere but here. Until my car breaks down along the road? Why now, of all days? Now, I’m stranded, still in my wedding dress and there’s no cell phone signal.

I’m not usually the type to stop and help a stranger on my lunch break. But seeing her in a wedding dress makes me feel like I should at least stop and offer her a ride into town. I know I shouldn’t be checking out a woman in a wedding dress. But she is so sweet and what’s this? She doesn’t want to go back? What the hell have I got myself into? I’m not complaining, I am all ears for this angel.

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