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McCoy (Instalove Hearts at Chartreuse Clover Pub #4) by Ally Crew, Brynn Hale – Free eBooks Download


Known as The Stallion of Chartreuse Clover Pub, I’m not one to settle down.
When a sassy tall drink of woman gives me the eyes–you know the ones–the ones that say…”It’s on”, we rush into something we’re both not prepared for.
A night with her leaves me feeling like I’ve found something I can’t walk away from, and I’m confused when I’m reprimanded for following my heart.
Aylette is smartmouthed, brilliant, and passionate, a trifecta of a woman I never knew existed.
But when I find our love written into the pages of her book, will she help me to understand why, or will she return to the shelter of her fictional world?

I only needed to find a man for a night, not forever. Someone to inspire my muse to return so I can get this book done!
When McCoy speaks to me, something happens inside of me, a fluttering that I’ve only ever written about, never experienced.
I push the foreign feeling away for a night with him. One night.
That turns into two, and three, and I’m feeling confused and yet, more inspired than ever.
McCoy is Irish coffee steaming hot and cozy, and he’s the bad boy this good girl has never experienced.
My fictional worlds are my safe-space and this man has taken me out of my comfort-zone in so many ways.
Can I show him that being a part of my fictional world and my real world can both happen with respect or will he go back to his wild ways, leaving me to only have the memories?

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