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Matrix (Underground Vengeance MC Montana Chapter #3) by Liv Brywood – Free eBooks Download


Inside every good girl there’s a bad girl waiting to break free…
I never suspected that Daisy, our sweet, innocent club girl, is actually an undercover FBI agent. Now that I know her dirty little secret, I’m going to make her pay. She can beg and plead all she wants, but when she’s bent over my knee, the beast inside me will unleash the smoldering devil in her. She sets me on fire with her touch and makes me want things I shouldn’t. I can’t afford to be distracted by an FBI agent, but when I find out why she’s really undercover, everything changes.
She’s out for vengeance. She’s willing to sacrifice everything, including her career. I can’t stand by and watch her blow up her life. I’ve got to help her. But the deeper we get into her twisted world, the more I find myself wondering what will happen to us after she completes her assignment. She thinks she can escape, but once I make her mine, I’m never letting her go.

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