Mated to the Moon by Georgette St. Clair (ePUB)

mated moon, georgette st clair

Mated to the Moon (Portal City Protectors #6) by Georgette St. Clair, LeTeisha Newton – Free eBooks Download


Fabiana has struggled to figure out where she belongs, but Adonis is determined to help her find her place.

Scientist meets passion …
Fabiana was never who she wanted to be. In fact, she doesn’t know who that woman is. A vixen? The broken child? A mixture of the two? All she remembers is what her father forced on her: her only place was a malleable puppet on the arm of a strong male.
Until the ultimate Alpha decides to make his play …
Adonis is a god among wolves and one of the most powerful men in Encantado—they just don’t know it. His pack keeps to their own and deals in avenues many wouldn’t dare touch, and he’s tired of ruling alone.
Then he sees her.

The broken princess who needs her crown fixed …
He will put her back together piece by piece. He will help her find the deadly power within, the sultry appeal she has, and the intelligence to take someone’s breath away. She is everything he’s ever wanted, and he is going to make sure she knows it.
Encantado is starting to draw the line, and there is no stopping it … no matter the danger still to come.

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