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mason, clara cruise

Mason (Hazelview Medics #2) by Clara Cruise – Free eBooks Download


A bakery owner terrified of being tied down to someone toxic.

A cardiologist struggling to understand the heart of the woman he loves.
The beginning of an amazing victory…or an inevitable heartbreak?

Anne’s own family – the very people she should feel safe and happy with – is an example of exactly what she doesn’t want her relationships to be like. Toxic. Painful. Hopeless. And that is why she has no intention to give her heart away to a stranger. What’s the point, when he will inevitably break it – even if he happens to be an amazing cardiologist who’s been nothing but wonderful to her?

A true alpha male and a doctor, Mason doesn’t need to think twice before saving a woman in a bar from being assaulted by a brute. After that, their attraction for each other keeps intensifying – and yet, something is wrong. Why is Anne being constantly hot and cold with him? Did he say or do something wrong? He doesn’t think so, but he can’t figure out what’s going on – or what to do.

Anne is desperately trying to keep her feelings for Mason from developing into something terrifyingly close to love. She can’t go down that path. She just can’t. And she can’t decide what terrifies her more: the possibility of him navigating his way through her fears and straight into her heart – or the possibility of him giving up and leaving.
Can Mason keep up with her struggles, or will she succeed in driving him away for good?

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