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masked prince, dani wyatt

Masked Prince (Fated Royals #2) by Dani Wyatt, Nikolai Andrew – Free eBooks Download


When I saw her bite into that apple, I knew she would be my original sin.

My face and body bear the memories of a fire meant to destroy me. But though my life as the scarred Bastard Prince has been its own sort of hell, my eyes have looked upon heaven.
And heaven’s name is Iris.
I keep myself hidden, watching her from behind my mask. I’m a monster to be kept in the shadows, and in turn the shadows have been my friend.
When she finally sees me, she doesn’t see the monster. She sees the man. And I know I can never let her go.
But fate is a cruel mistress, and when Iris is taken from me, I must put my grief aside.
Revenge is my new purpose. Even if I have to takeit out on my own family.
Loyalty be damned. My mask is off. The monster is free.
May God have mercy on the souls of those that chose to harm what is mine. Because I will not.

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