Marshmallow Kisses by Athena Steller (ePUB)

marshmallow kisses, athena steller

Marshmallow Kisses (Rocky Lake Littles #4) by Athena Steller – Free eBooks Download


Mickey’s life changes in a moment. He’d never expected to be thrown out because of his sexual orientation, but Mickey also knows he’d never be happy living a lie. Things hadn’t been horrible, but Mickey also found living on his own wasn’t as easy as he expected. With only his trusty old car, a battered laptop, and a handful of cash, Mickey hit the road. He had no idea he’d find a home in a small Arizona town where words like littles and Daddies were thrown around, enticing Mickey into an unbelievable world.
Exploring his little side, Mickey has never been so happy in his life. Although all his friends paired up, they always make sure to include Mickey…but that doesn’t take away from the loneliness or the ache of not having a Daddy of his own.
Mickey’s not sure how to start searching for a Daddy but happily gives in to his little side until one night when the Daddy of his dreams knocks at his door, needing a safe refuge from the severe ice storm sweeping in town.
Mickey knows that Maverick should be off limits since he’s Adam’s brother and doesn’t even live in Rocky Lake. One day turns into two and as the two become closer, Mickey sees in Maverick the Daddy that’s hiding beneath the surface.
Can Maverick give Mickey everything he wants or are the two destined to part ways when the sun begins to shine and the ice melts?
Travel one final time to Rocky Lake and watch as a confident and needy little tries to convince a hard-headed soldier that the word Daddy might be the most important word Maverick ever hears.

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