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marshall, scarlett winters

Marshall (The Steel Kings MC #2) by Scarlett Winters – Free eBooks Download


This biker is in for the fight of his life, only not with who he thinks.

Marshall- Things are heating up after the incident with the Russian mob. We know they will retaliate, we just don’t know when or how bad. You don’t disrespect Mikhail like that and live very long.
When I hear a sudden crack and there’s flames bursting everywhere, and I see WAR burning in large letters on the ground. We look around at each other and decide right then and there, that it’s time to end this.

Chelsea- My father is Mikhail, of the Russian cartel. He’s ruthless and cruel even to me. We really don’t have a relationship, he sees everyone as a pawn to play as he likes. Now he tells Tony, our allies with the Italian mafia, if he helps take out the Steel Kings MC that Tony can have me as his payment. I’m devastated, if I’m going to escape it’s now or never.
When the Steel Kings take on the Russians, they are met with a surprise.

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