Marrying My Billionaire Playboy by Jaclyn Hartley (ePUB)

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Marrying My Billionaire Playboy by Jaclyn Hartley – Free eBooks Download


A hot one night love story between the young billionaire who’s never known a true love and a sensitive and emotional beauty struggling to make ends meet for her broke family.

The most annoying Billionaire is at my friend’s wedding.
His piercing eyes scan me from top to bottom, but I tell myself,
No way I’m gonna fall for this big-ego playboy.
But when suddenly his lips overlap mine… I cannot push him away.
The wine circulating in my blood is letting him devour me.
Next morning I feel the ultimate backstabbing from his disappearance without a word.
But soon I find out about a surprise baby and now I need to go find him.

Woman equals headache.
But Ella is different. She’s like a magnet, a charmer.
I know I shouldn’t even be thinking of her; I have an arranged-by-family fiancé.
But it takes just one kiss to bring out the deepest desire in me.
At the sight of her hips swaying slightly on her feet, all I want is to make her mine.
I want to see her again but there is no time to talk.
To my surprise she comes looking for me… PREGNANT with my baby.

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