Married to her Kilted Enemy by Shona Thompson (ePUB)

married kilted enemy, shona thompson

Married to her Kilted Enemy (Temptation in Tartan #5) by Shona Thompson – Free eBooks Download


“I lied fer ye and said ye were a fine lover. D’ye nae think ye should prove tae me that ye are?”

Love is a beautiful thing, unless you’re Odhrán Lennox. He has it rough. Not only does he have to plead with the King for an arranged marriage, but his new bride absolutely despises him. And when we say despise, we’re talking about a ‘I-would-rather-die-than-let-ye-touch-me’ kind of hate.
But a wedding is his only way to keep her safe, and Odhrán prefers to endure living hell than live in a world where she doesn’t exist…
Maddison Kincaid must be redeeming all her clan’s sins since the beginning of time. Why else would the King decree she marry the man whose father had her imprisoned and murdered half her family? Not to mention he was there all along, pretending to be a servant instead of the laird’s son, for God’s sake!
Making Odhrán curse the day he said ‘I do’ is a difficult task. But not falling for him is an even harder battle Maddison vows to fight…
From the first moment Odhrán laid eyes on Maddison, he knew she was the love of his life. However, time may run out before she comes to terms with her own feelings…

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