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In my Kingdom, our race of female elven warriors keep male humans as slaves, and we thrive. Until the rebellion started, disturbing the peace and hurting the innocent, now I hunt them. My name is General Truda and I will find the hidden rebel base. When my man servant is killed during an ambush, rage for the loss of a slave brings confusion and chaos into my commanding and otherwise structured life. He was so much more, meant more to me than my society allows. But I have no time to grieve, as a new alliance of enemies has emerged from within my city, and they have plans for me, plans I will not succumb to. They may have forced me to take part in a traditional breeding programme, but I am nobody’s breeder, I will defy their rules. Meeting Erik changes everything, he awakens a passion I never knew existed. Now I must choose between obeying the laws of my species or to free the forbidden human, who repairs my heart.

Manumission is a fantasy romance with gladiator-style action set in a world where females evolved into strong warrior elves and men remained human. This is a story of friendship and betrayal fueled by the forbidden love between two species.
Trigger Warnings: This book contains mild violence, sex scenes and the exploitation of men.

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