Mansions & Motorhomes by Sammi Cee (ePUB)

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Mansions & Motorhomes (Takoda Outreach Center #2) by Sammi Cee – Free eBooks Download


Welcome to Takoda Outreach Center. Prepare yourself for open hearts, a full belly, and all the love you can handle. Sleeping in a motorhome for the winter may not be ideal, but it protects me and my friends from the winter cold, so I’ll take it. Luckily, volunteering at the soup kitchen guarantees warm days and hot food. That’s enough for me. Or it was, until Caleb, the famous chef, infiltrates my kitchen.

When the snow starts falling, he offers sanctuary from the storm. All he wants in return is…a place in my heart. I’ve survived life on the streets, but am I brave enough to accept all he’s offering?

In this second book in Takoda Outreach Center, you’ll find a clueless chef, a bag lady who takes no sass, and the rest of the crew who can’t seem to mind their own business. In Sammi’s low-angst, super-sweet world, hugs are freely given and happily-ever-afters are guaranteed.

Previously titled Jasper’s: No changes to the original manuscript have been made.

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