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managing miss watson, cassandra morann

Managing Miss Watson (Ladies of Scandal #1) by Cassandra Morann – Free eBooks Download


Miss Elinor Watson has a plan for her life, and that plan does not include marriage, not even when the handsome, charming, Earl of Sherborn comes in with a seeming mission to upend her well-ordered existence. The Earl, Andrew Montgomery, on the other hand, needs a wife. Well, he doesn’t exactly need one, but having one would make the managing of his estates much easier. The only problem is that the woman he can’t get out of his head is the only woman in England who won’t have him. Deciding they make far better friends, Elinor determines to get Andrew a wife, and he couldn’t agree more. Where they disagree is who that wife will be. As the pair finds themselves more and more deeply entangled, hearts are put at risk, propriety is breached, and Elinor finds that the one thing she cannot control is love.

A Victorian Era romance full of rich characters, deep yearning, and true love, Managing Miss Watson asks if all we give up to be with another person is worth it, and comes back with a resounding “yes.”

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