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managing love, kristin macqueen

Managing Love (Operation Riot #3) by Kristin MacQueen – Free eBooks Download


he manager of our band, Sasha, is one wrong move away from being fired. She knows it. I know it. Hell, the damn bus driver knows it. She doesn’t give a crap about anything except how we look to our fans. I’m the only one that can get under her skin and I’m playing my strengths. I’m going to push her until she can’t take it anymore. Only she surprises me when I really get to know her. And I’m not sure I can stay away anymore.
He’s a pain in my ass. The one band member who knows how to get to me. I hate him so much it hurts and there’s no escaping when you’re on a tour bus. The only thing separating us is a thin piece of fabric and I feel like I’m suffocating with him so close. When he asks me to spend a day off with him, I refuse… until I hear the conditions. One day and then he’ll stay away from me for the rest of the tour. Except that one day changes my whole life.

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