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malice, kris michaels

Malice (Guardian Security Shadow World #12) by Kris Michaels – Free eBooks Download


Whatever it takes, as long as it takes.

In the icy northern tundra of Siberia, a lethal game of life and death unfolds. Malice, an assassin who works for Guardian Security, stands at the far side of his latest mission. When the operation takes a dangerous turn, he becomes certain of one chilling truth: Guardian has been infiltrated. As the snow-covered wilderness becomes a treacherous chess board, Malice must navigate the blurred lines between allies and enemies. He is determined to uncover the truth behind the mission’s unique complication.
Danger lurks in every shadow, and an encounter with a mysterious sniper, one of his target’s guards, adds a new layer of complexity to his mission. Anya Baranov carries the burden of knowledge. The leader of the Rostova Group—a figure synonymous with evil has started the events that could lead to a global catastrophe and possibly World War Three.
Malice and Anya form an unlikely alliance in the face of uncertain odds. As their partnership deepens into an unlikely connection, they must navigate a perilous journey across the unforgiving Siberian wilderness. They’ll risk everything to escape Russia, forging a path toward a chance at a future where love might tip the scales in their favor.

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