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Mako Bay (Otago Waters #1) by Stephanie Ruth – Free eBooks Download


Shal Hoffner’s back in Dunedin after eight years of self-imposed exile. Setting up a new fashion boutique, and celebrating her best friend’s wedding, she’s determined to forget her ripped-up past, soulless love-life, and the guy who broke her heart.
She should’ve known it wouldn’t be that simple.
Assuming the proximity of Cameron Dante—builder, guitarist, surf-buddy, and ex-flatmate—the least of her worries? Big mistake. Humongous. Because there’s more to the past than Shal knows, on a collision course with right now, and if she can’t stick to friends-with-benefits there’s a chance she could snap. Just like before.
Shal’s mantra: ‘No promises, no commitment, and no exclusive rights’ is fast losing traction, and it’s all Cam’s fault.
Cam’s not the shy surfer-down-the-hall he once was, and despite fears history’s about to repeat, he’s out to prove something. No matter the cost. He’s been in love with Shal forever, so what’s he got to lose?
His newfound roots, his music career, his very heart and soul…
So, pretty much everything, actually.

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