Make Me Shine by Misty Moore (ePUB)

make me shine, misty moore

Make Me Shine (Love Come To Me #4) by Misty Moore – Free eBooks Download


When an old flame shows back up in her life will Ava find it harder to leave her home town a second time?

After leaving her fast paced life in Manhattan, Ava returns to her small town in upstate New York, with the assumption that she’ll return to the big city soon. But, fate might have other plans.
Back in her hometown to settle her deceased mother’s estate thinking that it won’t take very long. That is until she finds out that her old-high school boyfriend is now the co-owner of her childhood home. Making things a lot less cut-and-dry than she’d expected.
Ava soon finds a longing waking up inside her whenever Trevor is around and it’s more than his new muscles that she’s attracted too. She finds that it’s like a part of him is completely in tune with what her heart desires.
But, nothing in Ava’s life is ever simple and she soon finds her heart torn in two directions. One for the home town she left behind and the other pulling her back to the city and hot co-worker who wants her to come back.

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