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Make Me Hate You (My Big Brother’s Best Friend #3) by Gabrielle Snow – Free eBooks Download


I want you…even though you make me hate you.
12 years ago I fell in love with my big brother’s best friend.
Even though my brother hated it, and as much as we tried to fight it, we couldn’t stay apart.
That is, until he completely and utterly betrayed me.
I walked away without a word, vouching to never forgive him for what he did.
And now, 12 years later, after landing my dream job in a new city, I can finally say I’ve moved on and moved up.
All those years of no dating, pulling all nighters at the library and working my butt off finally paid off. And this sports journalist gig is everything I’ve ever wanted.
Not to mention that my first big project will be sure to put my name out there.
But then I find out that my ex-boyfriend is the quarterback and I’m having to work with him one on one.
Yeah, the same one who did me dirty all those years ago.
The same one who I hate.
The same one who I never wanted to see again.
I would walk away but my career depends on this project.
Ren Williams is now the star player with a notorious reputation, a body to die for and a pair of mischievous green eyes.
And he has the audacity to try and flirt with me…as if I’d let that ever happen.
Safe to say I learned my lesson the first time.
…or did I?

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