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make me, sunny hart

Make Me (The Unitam Realm #5) by Sunny Hart – Free eBooks Download


In a time when the Unitam Realm teeters on the brink, Bethany stands at the crossroads of duty and desire. Her best friend, Claire, is facing a long road to recovery while she tries to rebuild a fragile Realm. But before she can step up and lead, chaos breaks out and half the prisoners they captured escape. Bethany is tasked to find them along with two men who make her life heaven and hell. Cody Clawmoon and Zack Ashcraft.
Her lioness claimed both of these men as her mates, but she’s not allowed to have them. She’s the Alpha Heir to her pride, and the Realm still requires a leader’s blessing for an intermixed mating. Her mother’s first, second, and third priorities are creating a strong pride and she couldn’t care less about what Bethany’s lioness wants.
The lies binding the Unitam Realm are beginning to crumble, and Bethany must navigate the treacherous waters of politics, power, and passion, as her choices not only risk the wrath of her mother but could also unravel the very fabric of the Realm. Will she choose forbidden love, risking everything, or will the unraveling secrets of her world destroy her chance at happiness?

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