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Andrew and Emani have been together for twelve years.

They have a family, a very successful pharmaceutical company, and their life together seems all-around perfect.
When pictures surface online of Andrew and his assistant caught in a lip-lock, Emani realizes that maybe things aren’t so perfect after all, and is ready to call it quits.
Andrew is focused on running his company, he doesn’t want a divorce and insists that Emani simply needs time to work through the anger because not all pictures are worth a thousand words, some are worth only one. LIES.
In a final attempt to save their marriage, Emani agrees to allow Andrew back into her life but only if he can make her trust him again.
Never one to back down from a challenge, Andrew accepts, but between his early mornings at his office and late nights at his research lab, he can’t seem to find the time to make good on his promise.
No longer willing to wait for Andrew to come around, Emani agrees to a date with her client’s brother, only for Andrew to show up uninvited to her date, ready to let his presence be known.
They both have secrets they are keeping from each other.
Andrew knows he needs to come clean or lose Emani forever. But will Emani be granted the time she needs to spill her secrets or will that decision be taken from her?

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