Make Him by Kelly Finley (ePUB)

make him, kelly finley

Make Him (The Mercier Hotels) by Kelly Finley – Free eBooks Download


Welcome to my luxury hotel; welcome to my taboo hell.

Nobody knows Luca Mercier lives two lives.
In one, I’m a lonely billionaire — a widowed, protective father.
In the other, I have demands. I have urges.
I crave watching others submit to my whip.
And I keep a tortured vow.
Until her.
In a moment of weakness, I devoured a powerful woman one night.
Though I left her, I gave her my twisted heart.
I’m obsessed. Touch her, and you’ll die.
But my dark ways pose a serious threat to my daughter. I need help, someone who will fight for her too.
And it’s Scarlett Jones — the woman I left that brutal, beautiful night.
I vowed never to touch her again. To never love again.
Unless she makes me.

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